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Frequently Asked Questions

My pattern won't download, what do I do?

If you're having trouble downloading, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. An alternative PDF reader, which I like to use, is Foxit Reader.

If you are using a phone or tablet (eg. an iPad) you will need to use the included reader, or install a PDF Reader app. Do a search in the App store for your device.

If you're still having trouble, try using a different browser on your computer. If in doubt, email me and I can send you the file.

Do you post patterns out in the mail? 

No, patterns are only available in PDF format for download to your computer. You can of course print the file if you like, or if practical, use it straight from your computing device (eg laptop or tablet).

Do you offer patterns wholesale?

If you would like to offer my PDF patterns for sale in your online store, please get in touch.

I don't currently offer print patterns so am unable to offer them for wholesale.

Can I teach your patterns?

I'm happy for you to teach my patterns as long as each class attendee purchases their own pattern from me. 


It is something of a confusing issue, copyright. Patterns tell you that they're for personal use only, or that you can't sell what you make from the pattern, or limit how many items you can make from the pattern... Well, here is what I would like you to keep in mind with my patterns - including the free ones.

Basically the pattern you buy is for your own personal use, but the quilt you make from that pattern is yours to do whatever you like with.

You may:

  • Print the pattern, or have it printed, for your own personal use. 
  • Make a quilt for yourself, for a friend, for a charity auction - or even all three.
  • Make a few quilts to sell, for example in your Etsy or Madeit shop, or at your local market. It would be really nice and polite if you mention that you used my pattern for the quilt and give me credit for the design. (If you happen to want to make hundreds in a factory to sell - that's another thing entirely and something you should definitely ask my permission for.)
  • Share the techniques used in the pattern - whether for binding or sewing a half square triangle or cutting a shape with a template (just don't copy or give or sell other people my actual instructions or diagrams). 

You should not:

  • Reproduce (eg. print, photocopy, email) the pattern, or parts of the pattern, to sell or give to other people, whether digitally or in printed form.
  • Email the pattern to your friends, or make copies to share with your guild members, or anything like that.
  • Copy any of my photos, diagrams or instructions. 
  • Reproduce the pattern to sell as part of a kit, or to give/sell to class members if you are teaching my pattern. (If you would like to kit or teach any of my patterns, please get in touch).

So, to sum up, the only person who has any right to copy or reproduce or distribute or sell any of my patterns is me, and I choose to do that through Etsy, and my Pattern Shop.

These guidelines don't cover everything you can or can't do - it's a big topic and as I said, somewhat confusing, but I hope you get the picture. If in doubt, ask me! I am just an email away and will always respond as quickly as I am able.